Our path to Frac Sand Testing:

Global Energy Laboratories took over testing services for Anderson Engineering Inc. Anderson Engineering began in Dillon, Montana in 1988 as a full service engineering firm including soils testing and surveying. Over the years we have evolved into a land resources development firm assisting clients in ranch development, due diligence, water rights, and various mining operations.

Anderson Engineering remains in the resource development business. For the past two years they have been assisted several groups of clients develop silica frac sand mine deposits to be used as proppant in hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas development. Services to Anderson’s clients include permitting and testing oversight.

Now, Global Energy Laboratories conducts testing per ISO 13503-2 “Measurement of Properties of Proppants Used in Hydraulic Fracturing and Gravel-packing Operations.”

In our experience, locating a reliable lab to complete rush testing has proven difficult. We are able to conduct fast and accurate testing for our clients, while providing world class customer service.

Global Energy Laboratories is currently testing frac sand and other proppants. Our lab location in Butte, Montana is ideally positioned in the upper western portion of the US within close proximity to newly developing mining deposits as well as the flourishing Bakken play in the Williston basin. In addition, Montana Tech resides in Butte, and is a world leader in petroleum education and knowledge.

We understand how critical time is during project development and we are prepared to guarantee results within 7 business days from the date of sample receipt.

Please contact us regarding your project needs.

Brandon DeShaw, PE
Lab Director
Global Energy Laboratories
200 Technology Way
Butte, Montana 59701
(406) 490-1415